How Often Should I Get an Oil Change

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How Often Should I Get an Oil Change

They’re Important

Just like you have blood running through your veins, your engine has oil running through its internal parts. Without blood in your body, you would cease to be alive; without oil, your engine would meet the same fate. Dive in with us as we discover the importance of engine oil and why it’s so important to have it changed regularly. Dive in with us and discover how you can maximize the life of your engine with regular oil change service and how often you should bring your vehicle in for service.

New Vehicles Do a Lot of Work for You

Many newer vehicles use fully synthetic oil or at least a synthetic blend motor oil that’s designed to minimize friction while maximizing its fuel economy. Usually, there isn’t much of a guessing game when it comes to getting your oil changed. Many newer cars are equipped with a monitoring system that will generally tell you when its time to get an oil change via a digital warning on the instrument panel. Some vehicles are simple and feature systems that function based on time and mileage, while more advanced systems will take engine operating conditions into account and calculate when the oil will begin to deteriorate. If all else fails and you still want to know how often your vehicle should be changed, you can refer to your owner’s manual for a general estimate. If your car requires a synthetic blend, you can expect your oil change interval to be somewhere between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. If your vehicle requires full synthetic oil, you can expect this interval to be longer–some go even 15,000 between oil changes services.

Older Vehicles…. Not So Much

Knowing when to perform an oil change service on an older vehicle is a little more difficult, due to the fact that high mileage engines often require a little more tender love and care than newer ones. While newer vehicles may feature an internal system that warns when its time to change the oil, but older vehicles tend to suffer in silence, which is why its all the more important to understand when to change your oil. Many older vehicles run on conventional oil, which does not offer the same protection and benefits found synthetic oil, which means that your oil change intervals will most likely be more often than a newer vehicle. Though it is recommended to refer to your owner’s manual, most older vehicles, especially high mileage vehicles, require an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles. These intervals are often more frequent with hard use, like stop and go traffic, city driving, towing, and extreme temperatures.

There’s Only One Place to Get Your Oil Changed

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