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When Do You Replace Your Tires?

Your tires are essential parts of your vehicle. When to replace them is crucial information you need to know and keep track of to ensure your utmost safety on the road.

But how do you know when it’s time to replace your tires? And how often do you need to take them to your mechanic for service?

Age and wear and tear play significant roles in the tire replacement process. When you examine your tires and see signs of wear and tear, you have to take a closer look and assess the damage they have already sustained.

Concerning age, industry standards recommend you replace your brand-new tires after six years of use or before they hit the ten-year mark. But, of course, you have to exercise your good judgment and not rely on age to determine if it’s time to get them examined by expert mechanics and replaced, as needed. Make an appointment at Spitzer CDJR Cleveland today.

Why Is It Important to Replace Your Tires?

Tires keep your vehicle running and provide crucial support to ensure you and your passengers get to your destination safely, fast, and as expected. Without stable and top-performing tires, your vehicle is prone to a malfunction that can result in deadly and costly accidents.

Bad tires can make your vehicle swerve, slip, and slide out of control and cause you to crash. They can also blow up all of a sudden, which can compromise your safety and the safety of others around you.

If you don’t replace your aging and worn-out tires, the cost for repairs may be doubled, even tripled, compared to what you would have paid for had you taken them to your mechanic for their scheduled tire replacement in McMurray. With a comprehensive service center at your disposal, there’s no need to search online for a ‘tire replacement near me.’

What Are Signs to Watch Out For?

Not all drivers are experts in gauging tire wear and tear, but it’s crucial for everyone driving to detect signs that their vehicle’s tires are not in their best condition and need to be taken to a mechanic for an expert assessment.

Traditional drivers do the penny test to gauge their tires’ health. Others look for wear bars. Still, others rely on the appearance of bulges, cracks, and other visible damages on the tire’s surface.

Another obvious sign that there’s something wrong is the vibration you feel on your steering wheel when driving, especially when you’re braking. You may have to take your car for an emergency check-up as soon as this happens.

Let’s Take Care of Your Tires

Entrusting your car for tire replacement and other services is easy. But, you need to have a team of expert mechanics ready to assess and recommend the process your car needs to go through with meticulous care.

If you’re in Cleveland, OH, we can help you.

Spitzer CDJR Cleveland at Cleveland, OH, offers a robust Service Center that our customers trust. We have expert mechanics, trained technicians, and friendly customer service representatives who are always ready to help.

Our Service Department offers Tire Services, including Tire Replacement, Rotations and Repairs. We also provide genuine OEM parts, financing, auto repair and maintenance services, and exclusive dealership specials you can take advantage of to score more savings and benefits.

All you have to do is drop by our dealership or visit our website. Our customer service and sales staff can schedule you for an appointment with our Service Center mechanics and answer any questions you may have about dropping your car for tire service and the process your vehicle will go through.

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