How Can I Avoid a Dead Car Battery?

How Can I Avoid a Dead Car Battery?

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Along with oil changes and brake service, car battery swaps are one of the most standard varieties of vehicle service.

An Overview of Battery Replacement Service

Did you know that dead batteries are the leading cause of vehicle breakdowns? Your goal is to replace your car’s battery before it dies, so you’re not left in a situation where you’re stranded. Routine battery inspections will help you remain one step ahead of dead or dying batteries.

A vehicle battery is a rechargeable component that’s charged by a car’s alternator. The alternator inside your car converts your engine’s physical energy into energy that charges your battery. You’ll need a charged battery to turn your car on when it’s off and maintain your vehicle’s other electrical components. A healthy battery will measure above 12 volts. Technicians use voltmeters to measure a battery’s capacity.

Professional battery replacement will get your vehicle up and running in no time. A technician can test your battery and run a diagnostic to find the root cause of your car’s problem. If the battery is the root cause of problems, you’ll receive a new warrantied battery.

Have you ever wondered how technicians swap a car battery? The first stage in this replacement process consists of locating the battery before removing the battery’s covering. A technician will then disconnect the negative terminal before disconnecting the battery’s positive terminal. This disconnection leads to the dead or dying battery being removed from its housing before the new battery is fitted and connected.

How Can I Tell When My Battery Needs Service?

Batteries naturally lose their ability to hold sufficient charges over time. You might be wondering how you can tell when your vehicle’s battery needs service. Multiple signs and symptoms can indicate that a battery replacement is on the horizon.

Battery or alternator signs that are lit or blinking show that it’s time to get your vehicle serviced. Engine ignitions that crank slowly can reflect a dying battery, while an engine that won’t crank at all may point toward a dead or dying battery.

Have you ever noticed your car’s lights getting increasingly dim? Issues with a car’s electrical components are a battery replacement give away along with a repeated need for jumpstarts. Leaving your car’s lights on unnecessarily, driving in extreme temperatures, and keeping accessories plugged in overnight can easily drain a battery’s life. If you have the ability to examine your battery, a dying or dead battery can appear swollen with colored fuzz.

It’s essential that you test your battery and get a replacement as soon as possible when needed. Modern cars are increasingly reliant on batteries due to their vast amounts of electrical components. Driving on a dying battery can lead to electrical component failure, which increases the risk of an accident.

Car Battery Replacement Service in Cleveland

Spitzer CDJR Cleveland saves you time addressing your battery replacement needs so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Our dealership’s service center will test your battery, so you know for sure whether or not it’s time for a replacement.

If your battery is ok, we’ll extend its life by freeing it of dirt, grease, and corrosion that can affect the device’s charging capacity. When battery replacement is necessary, our certified technicians will match your car with a battery that meets specific manufacturer requirements.

Our Service Center benefits don’t end with our ability to provide you with seamless battery replacement. The Spitzer Shield offers our new vehicle customers a nationwide lifetime powertrain warranty on new vehicles, a 7-year/100,000-mile nationwide powertrain warranty on Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles, and 3,000-mile limited comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage on CPO models.

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