Need Oil Change Service?

Need Oil Change Service?

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Premium Oil and Filter Change Service

Motor City CDJR is pleased to serve all of your automotive needs. Whether you are browsing for a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle or in need of routine maintenance and oil change service, we are here to serve you with a smile. Our oil and filter change CDJR service is second to none and comes standard with an inspection of your vehicle’s working parts.

Stop in at our CDJR service center today to learn more about our oil change service and our full menu of services or schedule a filter change conveniently online.

Why is Oil Change Service Important?

Maintaining your vehicle just got easier. The team at our CDJR service center provides comprehensive oil change service, as well as routine maintenance and major and minor auto repairs. Routine maintenance, such as an oil and filter change, is essential to maximize the performance of your vehicle.

We encourage you to schedule oil and filter changes on a regular basis to keep all working parts of your engine properly lubricated. Motor oil and the amount of oil in your vehicle, plays an important role in keeping the engine cooled and running at a prime level. As you drive, your motor oil, oil drain plug and the working parts of the engine collect debris, dust and particles that can negatively impact your engine’s performance and your fuel efficiency.

Over time, it’s also possible for your motor oil to break down, especially when exposed to heat. When our team performs oil change service, we replace the oil, remove the filter, inspect the air filters and ensure the oil pan does not have a leak. We also perform a thorough inspection of all working parts of the engine when performing an oil and filter change.

What Are the Benefits of Oil Change Service?

In addition to helping you maintain your vehicle as recommended by our CDJR service center and the manufacturer, regular oil and filter change service can significantly impact how your vehicle runs. Some of the most obvious benefits include a boost in performance and fuel economy. Once old motor oil and dirt, particles and debris are moving, motor oil is able to travel through the engine’s components, offering the lubrication it needs.

When it’s time for oil change service, you may also notice that your fuel economy decreases. Flushing out the old synthetic oil or high mileage oil helps to minimize the amount of pollution emitted into the air while also increasing your fuel efficiency. A routine oil and filter change can also help to ward off expensive engine repairs that may result if your vehicle does not receive routine maintenance.

How Often Do I Need an Oil and Filter Change?

The timeline for oil change service varies based on your make and model, your driving habits and road conditions. On average, most vehicles need CDJR service and an oil and filter change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The type of oil change service your vehicle requires can also impact the timeline.

You have several options when scheduling oil change service at our Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership. Most vehicles require conventional oil that is reserved for light-duty vehicles. However, our team also recommends full synthetic motor oil when driving a high-performance vehicle. This type of motor oil helps to resist oxidation and thermal breakdown.

Vehicles with more than 80,000 miles often require high mileage oil whereas synthetic blend motor oil is ideal for when driving in harsh and hot temperatures. When you schedule auto repairs or an oil and filter change, our CDJR service center team will fully inspect all working parts of your vehicle. We take a personal approach and get to know your concerns while compiling a CDJR service timeline for preventative maintenance and oil change service.

You can count on our CDJR service team to also offer tips for maximizing the performance of your vehicle while spotlighting accessories for customization. With a full menu of auto repair services, in addition to oil change service, we strive to be your one-stop shop


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It’s easier than ever to schedule oil and filter changes, as well as major and minor auto repairs. Our CDJR service center is pleased to host an online service scheduling platform that allows you to select the best time and day for oil change service. Simply log onto our website or reach out to the certified technicians at our CDJR service change to learn more about how we take pride in maintaining your vehicle.

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